My signature MicroWisping technique was created to enhance your already-natural brows and define sparse areas within your natural brows. I create a natural look by depositing cruelty-free, semi-permanent pigment into the epidermis of the brow. I only use the finest, high-precision tools to gently create fine and wispy strokes in which the pigment is then deposited. I believe MicroWisping should be the last service provided after we have worked together to grow out your natural brows as much as possible. If you think that your brows have already grown out as much as possible, then MicroWisping might be your next option. I have a lot to share with you about the eyebrow tattoo industry and why I created MicroWisping.


A free verbal consultation is an option to answer all questions.

MicroWisping requires a free in-person consultation.

We will schedule a subsequent date for MicroWisping after your in-person consultation.

Please contact shericox@salonlofts.com to schedule a phone chat or to schedule an in-person consultation.