Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the appointment take?

MicroWisping™ is a two-appointment process. The first appointment involves adding all of the initial hair strokes to the eyebrows. Analyzing all of the healed hair strokes happen during the second appointment. We will then determine if reinforcement for some or all of the initial hair strokes is necessary. We may also decide to add more hair strokes. The appointments are six to eight weeks apart to ensure the best results. Each session is an hour-and-a-half to two hours.

How long does MicroWisping last?

MicroWisping can last anywhere from nine to twelve months. The results may vary depending on skin type and lifestyle. Over time, the semi-permanent pigment will gradually fade from the skin.

What is the healing process after MicroWisping?

Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for ten days after the first session of MicroWisping. Aquaphor will need to be applied every other day. After the third day, gently wash with mild cleanser and pat or air dry. Each client's healing process may be slightly different based on the MicroWisping procedure.

Does MicroWisping hurt?

The eyebrows are numbed with lidocaine so MicroWisping should not hurt.

How much does MicroWisping cost?

Partial $200
Full $400

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MicroWisping requires a free in-person consultation.

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