Balanced Brows

Bracing Beauty

Nature, combined with our inner and outer beauty, is an awe-inspiring creation.

~Sheri Cox

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I’m grateful and joyful that the beauty industry and I aligned twenty years ago.

Designing eyebrows is an outlet for my OCD.

Makeup is an expansion of my artistic nature.

When I started my business, I wanted to cultivate a serene environment for my clients. I am passionate about living an eco-friendly lifestyle to my best ability, so I also designed my salon as an eco-friendly environment. I work with, and purchase from companies that have the same eco-friendly and cruelty-free philosophy. I believe these companies continue to make changes for the betterment of the Planet. The products that I use during your eyebrow appointments are all deposited into my compost bin and later composted by Healthy Soil Compost Company. This example is just one of the many aspects of my salon that I am proud to share with you.

Servicing everyone.


The Wispy Brow™

I created The Wispy Brow with your natural beauty in heart and mind.

I have integrity for natural brows.

Women, I believe your brows should be identical twins, not sisters.

Men, I believe your brows should be groomed and potentially minimally shaped to create a more uplifting appearance.

An Eyebrow Design appointment includes a detailed consultation discussing your eyebrow history and eyebrow goals. I have so much information to share with you about my services which include trimming, tweezing, waxing, tinting, MicroWisping, RevitaBrow, do's, don't's and product knowledge.

In addition to maintaining my natural brow philosophy, I created my signature technique, MicroWisping. MicroWisping is an eight to twelve-month eyebrow enhancement designed to define sparse areas within your natural eyebrows or to enhance your already natural brows. I have so much information to share with you regarding this service as well.

I am also happy to retail RevitaLash Cosmetics at my salon. I have personally been using and retailing RevitaLash products for the past eight years. The products that I retail include RevitaLash, RevitaBrow, and Hi-Def brow gel.

I look forward to continuing to create and design with you as The Wispy Brow continues to evolve, and we continue to change.

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Eyebrow appointments will always be between twenty and thirty minutes.

To learn more about all brow services, click ABOUT MY SERVICES on the Pricing page for more information.

A free verbal consultation is an option.

Please contact so that we can schedule a phone chat, or I will look forward to meeting you soon!



I created my signature MicroWisping technique to enhance your natural brows and define sparse areas within your natural brows. I create a natural appearance by only using the finest and high-precision tools to design fine and wispy strokes within your brows and then deposit a cruelty-free and semi-permanent pigment into the epidermis of your eyebrows.

I believe MicroWisping should be the last service provided after we have worked together to grow out your natural brows as much as possible. If you think that your brows have already grown out as much as possible, then MicroWisping might be your next option. I have a lot to share with you about the eyebrow tattoo industry and why I created MicroWisping.

A free verbal consultation is necessary to answer all questions.

A free in-person consultation is required for MicroWisping.

We will schedule a subsequent date for MicroWisping after your in-person consultation.

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My love for makeup began as soon as I discovered crayons and Barbie coloring books.

My crayon case soon became a makeup case.

I was thirteen when I started practicing and wearing makeup.

I was fourteen when I began applying makeup for friends for our school dances, school pictures, and just for fun.

To play makeup with you is like happy childhood memories. 

Let’s play makeup!

Whatever makeup look you desire for any event.

To learn more about makeup services, click ABOUT MY SERVICES on the Pricing page.

A free verbal consultation is an option to answer any questions.

Please contact so we can schedule a phone chat, or I will look forward to seeing you soon!